Northern Zodiac

The Zodiac of Northern countries is originated from ancient hunting calendars, medieval images, myths and legends of the indigenous people of the Urals.

Reconstruction on the basis of bronze discs with the zodiac signs of Perm and Siberian animal styles of the 6-12th centuries.

Metal souvenirs made on Ural semiprecious stones with the Northern zodiac signs.

Metal souvenirs with the signs of the Northern Zodiac
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    Find out your sign by your birthday

    • Beaver (22 December – 20 January)

      The people born under the zodiac sign Beaver never chase the ideal formulated by them. They are pretty aware of their limits and do not strive to tumble over themselves. Such people are hardworking and punctual. It’s out of their character to exercise their personality by means of conflicts and struggle. Their conscious choice is manifested in actions and restless work for the sake of others. They love life and know the worth of every single day. People of the sign are able to ensure a quiet and happy future both for themselves and their loved ones; and their proactive approach to life rather than lightheadedness or empty promises will be the basement for that. They are incurable optimists, resisting sadness and dismay, whatever happens in life. The doors of the house where the people born in the month of Beaver live are always open and this house gives warm and cozy feeling. Wasting time on inner turmoil is senseless for them, for that reason emotional impulses of those who close to them as a rule remain misunderstood. Beavers can not take people around them with all their white and black sides, but after all they try to take care of those who are dear to them. They aspire to make their own world perfect as idleness depresses them.

      Famous people born under the sign: Joan of Arc, Madame de Pompadour, Kepler, Kipling, Moliere, Zhukovski, Shishkin, Griboyedov, J. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, S. Bodrov (Jr.), K. Habensky

      Model 1
    • Eagle (21 January – 18 February)

      Eagles think logically. Abstract materials are unfamiliar to them. Their intellectual potential is high, therefore in their eyes mind always stands above emotions and feelings. They do not rely on intuition. It’s much easier for them to figure out the situation profoundly and draw conclusions. The people are calm and well-balanced. They easily get on the right side of people and their charm is evident from early childhood.

      Eagles have cold mind and perfect memory. Vengefulness is not their trait because they take offences caused to them as a problem which should be solved. Those born under the zodiac sign are conceited, ambitious, aspiring. It’s important for them to look like winners. Representatives of the sign can be lucky both in career and in life. Their equability of mind balances excessive emotionality of other signs. Fame may go to the head of Eagles, making them in their self-perception all-powerful, all-knowing, and careless. The people are individualists in grain, however they hold in esteem different public social communities. Sometimes Eagles excite envy and dislike in other people by behaving as aristocrats in absolutely any company.

      ПPeople born under the sign: Galileo, Byron, Mozart, Schubert, J. Verne, Roosevelt, Poe, Dickens, Ronald Reagan, Boris Yeltsin, Boris Pasternak, Vladimir Vysotsky

      Model 2
    • Eagle-owl (20 February – 20 March)

      Eagle-owls are intellectuals. Their mental ability often amazes others. They can’t talk frigidly. Their speech is always emotional, deep and full of inner power. Eagle-owls are those who ponder of philosophical problems in earnest. From early childhood those born under the sign start wondering what is good and what is bad, good and evil, truth and false. Straightforwardness with which Eagle-owls bring out their opinion may shock the people around them. Probably they are unduly abrasive sometimes. The word “diplomacy” does not relate to them. Eagle-owls often are not tolerant. They do not jump to hasty conclusions but react vehemently to injustice. Born under the sign will dig deeply in this or that problem until fully understand everything. It’s essential for them to get to the root of the matter. From this it follows that disputing their views is hard. Such people are more likely explorers than strategists. Eagle-owls often turn to moral problems. They are fastidious and meticulous personalities. Solving knotty problems that’s their greatest delight. More often than not they sort out their relationships with their close people and it hangs heavy for them. But from the other hand it is not the worst quality. Discussion even if roaring is much better that hiding a problem and accumulating aggression. The character of Eagle-owls is not simple. They feel deeply and have large capacity of inner strength and usually blossom out in life.

      People born under the sign: Michelangelo, Chopin, Handel, Einstein, Hugo, Washington, Elizabeth Taylor, T. Currentzis, S. Jobs

      Model 3
    • Raven (21 March – 20 April)

      Raven is honored by folks of the Ural region as the Bird of Spring. Crow was conceived as a messenger of life and a protector of women and children.

      Those born in the month of Raven are usually independent. Not a rear thing that Ravens find their own place in the art field. They have their personal opinion about everything in the world and never miss a chance to express themselves. They usually tend to keep away from crowds. Obeying goes against the grain for them, but controlling is not their path either. Such people usually appreciate devoted and faithful friends and despise insincerity. They do not forgive mistakes neither of other people nor of theirs. Ravens take many things too much seriously. It’s difficult to deflect their judgments; they will adhere to the chosen point of view to the bitter end. Such people do only what they think necessary and they never fall for provocations. Loneliness is not a boredom for them and being in public settings makes them feel uncomfortably. Big companies and unfamiliar people bother and oppress them. Ravens can take care of themselves and live in such a way to prevent any chance of being weak.

      People born under the sign: Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Bach, Descartes, Goya, Gogol, Zola, Van Gogh, Bismarck, Charlie Chaplin, Quentin Tarantino, Emma Watson

      Model 1
    • Elk (21 April – 21 May)

      Ancient folks of the Urals believed that sacred Bear and Elk lived above in the sky. Elks often force their power and energize people around them. The energy of Elk is beauty, endurance and dignity, embodiment of possibility to sweep out the obstacles from their way. The sign of Elk combines swiftness, proud and from time to time feeling of loneliness because of miscommunication with relatives.

      Features of the zodiac sign Elk are seen in outer calmness, equanimity and inscrutability. The people of Elk have determined and head-strong character with awareness what they want. They can put aims and reach them. At that people of Elk are very patient and always push the matter through. Elk always feels an impending danger, judges people by deeds so that such a person simply does not communicate with disgraceful people. People of the Elk zodiac announce about their successes, notably they do it aloud, like real elks in spring. Born in the month understand the balance between wishes and real possibility of their fulfillment. They know what to say, when to do it and with whom to talk, when to take the opportunity to be friendly, and when it’s better to show their anger. Through the life challenges they develop immunity. They are always given with as much as needed for life. Mission of the Elk person is to work, contribute to the future and observe the far perspectives.

      People born under the sign: Shakespeare, Delacroix, Catherine the Great, Cromwell, Robespierre, Balzac, Freud, Lenin, Boris Akunin, Robert Pattison

      Model 2
    • Pike (22 May – 21 June)

      Pikes don’t like leaving things unfinished, although idleness catches them forcing to put off their started projects for later. The sign of Pike is incredible combination of ability to analyze information and the talent of feeling other people. Due to this the range of professions at which Pikes can succeed is extremely wide. Pike can wait for a long time but be fast to make decisions and swift to chase the goal.

      People of the sign can hardly be called super sociable, but being with people delights them. Specifically they form their social network very selectively. Pikes feel uncomfortable in the groups of people within which distrust and atmosphere of mutual enmity prevail, therefore owing to his/her character Pike strives to round off rough corners.

      People born under the sign: Pascal, Grieg, Schumann, Pushkin, Wagner, Andropov, J. Depp, M. Monro

      Model 3
    • Hare (22 June – 22 July)

      Hares are gifted and ambitious, have credibility of their colleagues and friends. People often turn to them for important advices. Representatives of the sign can’t stand conflicts; their welcoming house is always open. Frankness and straight speaking are not their typical traits; they are good at listening but rarely open their hearts. Their eagerness to find favour in the eyes of people and attention to the problems of others make them indispensable companions of strong and vivid persons. Hares are modest and fair in their doings although their business qualities leave much to be desired. They really don’t like loneliness and may sacrifice for the sake of love and care.

      Hares are usually well-intentioned to others, appreciate good relations and are cautious while making friends. At the same time hares are carefree and rely too much on their charm and attractiveness. They don’t have difficulties with imagination and can be artists or run a business involving creativity and a bit risk.

      The peoples of the Urals took hares as magic animals and hunted them rarely. Among mansi (voguls) the one who ate a hare must have to tell 7 fairytales.

      People born under the sign: Petrarch, Rembrandt, Rubens, J.-F. Rousseau, Gluck, Kafka, M. Chagall, A. Merkel, B. Cumberbatch, A. Jolie

      Model 1
    • Horses (23 July – 22 August)

      The practices of horse-worship came to the Ural folks from Indo-Iranian tradition. The god rides a six-legged horse in the expanse of the sky and oversees the world order on the Earth. The god and the horse are united for the life journey. Born under the zodiac are hardworking and active. They work much and can keep their promises. Such people easily enter any system, following its inner rules. They know how to get along with people. Horses are freedom-loving sort of people and always want to be independent. They don’t rush into extremes. They are persistent but have difficulties when it’s time to change the paths chosen earlier. Being seemingly independence they are prone to fall under influence of others. Born under the sign Horses are fond of sport, traveling and nature. They are always ready to add clear regulations and timing to their life and if the way of doing things is set they would not likely change it. Marriage with them in the whole is comfortable.

      People born under the sign: Napoleon, Alexander Dumas, Maupassant, Mussolini, Henry Ford, John Rockefeller, Madonna

      Model 2
    • Dragonfly (23 August - 23 September)

      One of the Ural pagan gods lived in the shape of dragonfly during summer and turned into a man for winter. Dragonfly is the symbol of permanent transformation and revival.

      The person born under the sign of Dragonfly has a strong need for stability, appreciates material benefits and thoroughly secures his/her territory. Dragonflies are individualists and work in their own pace and don’t like instructions from outside. Dragonflies notice much more than others. Born under the sign are always tactful with people although not much communicative. Dragonflies inspire with respect but not devotion.

      People born under the sign: David, Tolstoy, Goethe, Greta Garbo, Sophia Loren, Stephen King

      Model 3
    • Ermine (24 September - 23 October)

      Ermines are aristocrats from the cradle. The Ural tribes believed that ermines were creatures of the Upper Divine World. Ermine is always sure of his/her rightness. Ermine feels power inside and are absolutely sure that does good and proper things. Ermine is the sign of justice, believing in equity, although the belief does not always concur with the opinions of others. Sometimes pride of Ermine turns into arrogance and the person ignores other views and doesn’t pay attention to many issues.

      Ermine is always active; having seen him/her motionless you shouldn’t think that it’s the evidence for tranquility; Ermine is just dwelling on the plan for future actions.

      People born under the sign are often generous. They more readily than whoever help needy ones, although may offer things belonging not only to them but even to someone else, however all their intentions are sincere. Ermine loves order and cleanliness and the color representing the sign is white.

      People born under the sign: Virgil, Nietzsche, Lermontov, Putin, Wilde, Gandhi, Sarah Bernhardt, Brigitte Bardot, Hvorostovsky

      Model 1
    • Squirrel (24 October – 22 November)

      Squirrels are commonly brisk, restless and their run is endless, but the race is often looped. Squirrels are smart and keen on elaborate combinations but sometimes can get too absorbed in playing and lose the goal. Squirrels have inconsequent character, vivid mind, high working commitment, thrift and strive to start a family. Born in the month appreciate material comfort and tend to lay in a stock. They are curious and prone to traveling but don’t like foolhardy adventures.

      Among folks of the Urals the age of 12-14 years for boy was called “squirrel-time” (guys could hunt squirrels but not elks or bears) therefore Squirrel always keeps childish spontaneity and special peculiarities of teenage period. People usually feel sympathetic to Squirrels and without a trouble can lend them money. Marriage with Squirrel will not be boring.

      People born under the sign: Lomonosov, Voltaire, Paganini, Dostoevsky, Claude Monet, Khlebnikov, Picasso, Marie Curie, V. Pelevin

      Model 2
    • Bear (23 November – 21 December)

      Personalities born under the sign are of big heart. They are not aggressive but playful. Sometimes their jokes may offend, but Bears don’t have ill will. Not a rear thing that some people use their generosity. Bears both suffer and celebrate to the maximum. They are natural born leaders and have authority in any company. They are gifted to lead the way, hold the attention of the audience and regard their opinions. Bears love controlling themselves and others. Betrayal is the hardest thing for them. They never give away and can’t stand it from others. Bursts of anger of such people go down as fast as they inflame. Bears enjoy fun and entertainments, but it doesn’t keep them from being persevering and working productively. To have a rest like coach potatoes is not their style. The family of such people is usually close-knit. Bear persons are truly loving wives or husbands and attentive parents. They punish their offsprings only in the matter but do not let them mess around. They are a joy to work with. Born under the sign are reliable partners with a vibe for profitable deals.

      People born under the sign: Horace, Mary Stuart, Stepan Razin, De Gaulle, Swift, Churchill, Zhukov, Carnegie, Mark Twain, Disney, Garibaldi, Brad Pitt, S. Spielberg

      Model 3
    1. 22.12–20.01
    2. 21.01-19.02
    3. 20.02-20.03
    4. 21.03-20.04
    5. 21.04-21.05
    6. 22.05-21.06
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    10. 24.09-23.10
    11. 24.10-22.11
    12. 23.11-21.12

    Choosing a gift?

    For your friend, brother, sister, father, mother, kid, colleague or business partner? What original present will be good enough to stand out among the rest and to linger in the minds?

    Or even better to evoke pleasant memories about you regularly? Prepare for your dearest souvenirs with the signs of the Northern zodiac for birthday, wedding, jubilee or other celebration. The receiver will be happy with the attention to her/his personal biography and surprised with the unusual present. The souvenirs are nice and stylish accessories. They hit with originality and rivet the eyes; besides, who knows, may be personal amulets still protect their owners.

    What’s your own guardian animal?

    Guardian animals carry on the secrets of ancient civilization of the Urals.

    The original souvenirs are copies of amulets performed by ancient craftsmen and keep the charm of medieval magic of Northern Russia.

    History in souvenirs

    Nowadays souvenirs with unusual history win more and nore popularity. It’s a reason to be proud and feel eternally connected with our ancestors.

    Everyone, as forefathers claimed, has his or her own protecting animal, but not everyone knows about that.

    Such a gift will please everyone


    Panels with the zodiac circle

    • Color: golden
    • Material: brass, velvet paper, plastic frame strip
    • Dimensions: 30×30 cm
    • Made in: Russia
    • Price: $100

    Panels with the zodiac circle

    • Color: golden
    • Material: brass, velvet paper, plastic frame strip
    • Dimensions: 20×20 cm
    • Made in: Russia
    • Price: $40

    The ancient history captures the imagination!

    The word «zodiac» derives from Latin zōdiacus which in its turn comes from the Greek ζῳδιακὸς κύκλος (zōdiakos kyklos), meaning "circle of animals".

    We have no bronze "animal circles" remained after the Babylonian, Greek civilizations and Ancient Egypt, they are just mentioned in a range of Babylonian cuneiform tablets.

    To the contrary in the Urals lots of bronze discs representing ancient "animal circles" were discovered. These plates according to the opinion of some researchers are "hunting calendars" of the Ural tribes, but their meaning and usage could be even wider: from sacrificial discs to the images of a specific zodiac.

    On each disc we can see the sun, animals and sometimes birds and fish.

    The circle of animals can be regarded as the Perm zodiac, Ural zodiac, but there is another quite appropriate name — the zodiac of the Northern Lands or the Northern zodiac; unlike with the Southern Zodiac with its specific fauna (Scorpio, Aries, Leo) the Northern zodiac includes northern animals and birds: raven, bear, elk, beaver, etc.

    These animals lived side by side with people of the northern countries: Russia, Finland Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and their images made a massive impact on the European culture.

    The Medieval "zodiacs": circles of animals, found in the Urals. Bronze. Metals-casting. 6-9th Centuries.

    A year at the Medieval Urals was divided into two periods: summer and winter. The nature calendar of the animal style creators started from the vernal equinox, the summer period began in March – April, and the winter year – in Autumn from October to November. Counting days of each month started from the new moon phase celebrated with offering sacrifices. There were 12 months and they approximately coincided with moon months.

    The folks of the Urals believed that the stars on the sky are not inanimate.

    There on the sky dome there are as many stars as people on Earth. When a man is born a new star appears in the sky. If the man dies the star falls down.

    Apart from people there in the sky also animals and birds, tools, household and cultural items are reflected. Days and nights alternate with each other while the sky hunter Bear is chasing a mother-elk with her baby in the sky. In another myth people killed a bear with a bear cub and they turned into the stars.

    Months were called after the names of animals. February was the month of “eagle flight”, November – “the month of squirrel” and the fading sun of December was called “bear tail” and the month itself – the bear month. May is the spawning time for spikes. Animals meant the up and the down, season and age of a man. Everyone had a dual in the animal world, a protecting beast. No wonder that magic animals were supposed to take new-born members of a family lineage under their “shield”. The Northern zodiac, the circle of animals of Perm and Siberian zodiac, can help to gain insight into the amulets.

    The signs of this Zodiac are copies of the bronze amulets performed in animal style. These animals are not ordinary, they are magic: an elk in human shape, a two-headed duck, magical twins, ermines, beavers, horses, a pike with paws and of course a bear, the host of the forest. In the past in order to enchant the amulets the model for casting was washed with blood of sacrificed domestic animals. In every house of medieval Ural inhabitant there were bronze guardian animals.

    Why to choose

      the signs of the northern zodiac for a gift?

    • an amulet is a personalized gift
    • the signs are beautiful
    • such a gift is out of boring standards

    How to order?

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      Russia, Perm, 21s Lunacharskogo st., Center “Senator”

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      All rights reserved.


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